Candy-liciuos x Wet N' Wild

Candy-licious by Wet N Wild.
Two coats. This picture is the 4th day of the manicure.
I love this polish.

Kelly x Sula Beauty

Kelly by Sula Beauty.
Two coats, plus top coat.
Slightly difficult to work with, because this is a "Paint & Peel" polish. But it was a very pretty green.

Wet Cement x Sally Hansen

Wet Cement by Sally Hansen.
Two coats. This color was not flattering on me. And the formula was sticky.

Blazed x Wet N Wild

Blazed by Wet n Wild.
This is 3 coats. Pretty color, but this polish sucked. Chipped within 10 min.

Devious x Ulta

This is Devious by Ulta.
2 coats. Deep purple creme.

Desert Rose x Rimmel

This is Desert Rose by Rimmel.
2 coats. This applied like a jelly.

Pink Positive x Aldo + Konad m57

This is a manicure I did on my best friend. I used 2 coats of Pink Positive by Aldo.
To do the ring finger I used SH Cafe Au Lait again.